Moves of The Spirit Ministries Design Inc. 

Winning Souls for Christ Through The Arts 

Our Administrative Team

Moves Of The Spirit Ministries Designs Inc. was founded in 1993 by Pastor Karen Buchanan, Dance and Arts Minister.  Pastor Karen served for seven years as an associate Pastor at Christian Life Celebration Center, an affiliate of the Voice of Christ Worldwide Ministries and Missions.
Pastor Karen is covered under Centro Cristiano Pacto De Paz by Dr. Alberto Vallejo Senior Pastor and Pastora Luz Vallejo, and is acknowledge as a pastor of the arts. Pastor Karen has ministered in various parts of the United States, Jamaica West Indies, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic and France with preaching, dancing and speaking at many conferences.  Pastor Karen has a strong passion for the performing arts and desires  to see the arts restored back into the body of Christ, demonstrating the power and the manifested presence of God.
     Moves Of The Spirit Designs Inc. is a nonprofit evangelistic outreach ministry to the nations.  The mission of our ministry is to evangelize through the performing arts.  We intended to carry out this through various outdoor events, tent meetings and theater productions. 

We believe that surrendering our lives, gifts and talents brings God great pleasure, honor and glory. Through this it manifest His presence.

In addition, it's outer expression of an inner relationship born out of a heart that desires to offer praise unto our Lord Jesus Christ.

     The performing arts is an audio and visual way to express praise and worship. We communicate through dance and song the gospel of Jesus Christ, it conveys the power and effects of the word of God to bring salvation to the afflicted and freedom from bondage.  In addition, it's out an outer expression of an inner relationship born out of a heart that desires to offer praise unto our Lord Jesus Christ.
     Moves Of the Spirit Ministries Designs Inc. believes that it is imperative that we present a spirit of excellence by being disciplined and steadfast.  Moves Of the Spirit Designs Inc. is also available for bookings for special events such as conferences, banquets and all other special events.  We are associated with gifted and anointed men and women that minister in the performing arts including singers, dancers, mime, musicians, drama and poetry.  Please click on booking information for further details

 Yvonne Patricia Couch a native of Jamaica West Indies, a mother and business manager. She is Moves Of The Spirit Ministries Designs Inc. Admin/Director. Yvonne worked as a business manager for over 28 years and worked in a wide array of forums.  God has gifted her with excellent organizing abilities and leadership qualities. Over the years Yvonne has drawn closer to Christ and developed a great compassion for souls and desires to bring change in their lives and in the community, believing that all things are possible through Christ.

 Beverly Blackwood was born in Jamaica West Indies and lived in New Jersey for 32 years. She had been heavily involved in ministry and had a call of God to come to Orlando Florida in May of 2011. Beverly is the Secretary and head intercessor for Moves Of The Spirit Ministries Designs Inc. and she has a strong heart and passion for souls, and want to see many receive salvation. She desires to make an impact in the lives of others and her community. Beverly has a heart to use her gifts and talents for the glory of God.
 Gina Blas is the Marketing Director for Moves Of The Spirit Ministries Designs Inc. Gina was exposed to a strong business entrepreneurial spirit growing up. As a result she began working at an early age and later achieved two degrees: associate in administration and bachelor of science in marketing. Having a 20 year plus successful corporate career in the areas of sales and marketing, but one of her passions is to dance unto the Lord. Gina always loved to dance and is fascinated by all types of dance upon accepting Christ as her Lord and Savior she never imagined what God would do with her life. From praise and worshiping Him in her room to drawing people To Christ and igniting others.
Kim Stewart Livingstone was born in South America. She grew up in NY/NJ where she studied fashion and cosmetics merchandising. It was not until giving her life to Jesus Christ that she began to minister in dance unto the Lord. One of her passions are to work with children and teens teaching them to worship God in dance. Kim is also skilled in the area of flags and banners.

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